SSC CGL Exams have a comprehensive structure divided into sections where English comprehension plays a vital role in evaluation. The advanced language and grammar rules of English need to be understood without amiss during the preparation of SSC CGL exam. There are various intricate parts of English which need to be practiced properly to gain command over the language. With a detailed plan to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020, you can get acquainted with strategies to improve vocabulary and thereby, score high in English section. You need to start with listing down the important subjects included in the comprehension test of SSC CGL exam. In addition to this, you need to understand that English comprehension section is aimed at testing your understanding of the language. From correct grammar usage, vocabulary and basic competence of comprehension to correct spellings, everything is focused in the English language section.

Hence, you need to understand how to prepare English for SSC CGL by utilizing the right tricks & tips to excel in the language and grammar assessment section:

  • Work on grammar and get familiar with all the rules
  • Enhance vocabulary through different tests
  • Prepare comprehension segment and improve reading skills
  • Solve SSC CGL sample papers with an emphasis on English section
  • Regular practice is key to secure high score in English comprehension
  • Chapter wise analysis to focus on easy topics
  • Guess work should be eliminated from the SSC CGL English Preparation
  • Understand the context by reading the question properly
  • Search a professional educator to speed up preparation for SSC CGL English section

Know how to prepare English for SSC CGL Exam

  1. Work on grammar and get familiar with all the rules: You will be able to answer the questions of English section in SSC CGL with a proper understanding of grammar usage. This competitive exam has a pre-defined pattern, but, if you are well-versed in applying the rules of English grammar with precision, then, it is a plus point. Whether it is in terms of getting high score or answering questions of comprehension like a pro, you can easily tackle this segment with English preparation. In fact, when you need to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020, then, addressing the grammar topics step-by-step is the best way to count on. Spot the error, fill in the blanks, practical exercises to speak in English and watching videos which focus on grammar are some of the effective ways to improve grammar.
  2. Enhance vocabulary through different tests: Strong vocabulary reflects how well-versed you are in English language. When it comes to improving vocabulary, you can always rely on thesaurus. It will not only tell you the meaning of word, but, it is also the brilliant source to come across better choice of words and phrases. Apart from this, keeping a record of 20-25 new words and using them in daily life contextually will reflect a remarkable improvement in your vocabulary. You can even play word power games, flash cards or any crossword type game online. These activities can be carried out while monitoring time to check your efficiency during SSC CGL English preparation.
  3. Prepare comprehension segment and improve reading skills: Reading is the integral part of English preparation before attempting SSC CGL exam. This habit may take time to develop your reading skills, but, fetch you the wonderful outcome in the English section of the competitive exam. It is essential to read frequently to answer comprehension questions correctly. You need to read the question twice and answer it only after understanding the context. Reading a book, newspaper or blog on a daily basis will enhance your skills phenomenally. Preferably, editorials and business magazine with thoughtful write-ups should be chosen for reading practice. As a result, you will be able to prepare for English comprehension segment without any complication.
  4. Solve SSC CGL sample papers with an emphasis on English section: In order to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020, you need to practice previous years’ sample papers daily. This activity of solving papers of competitive exams will make you familiar with the type of question which can be expected. In fact, you can enhance your proficiency level by working on the issues noticed while practicing previous years’ papers. Moreover, your confidence level will also be boosted as you attempt all the questions of sample papers of SSC CGL exams date wise. On the basis of the questions and their complexity, you can amend your English preparation plan too.
  5. Regular practice is key to secure high score in English comprehension: Grammar rules, comprehension skills, verbal ability, contextual spotting of errors and sentence rearrangement or any other topic of English language cannot be improved overnight. You are recommended to practice all the chapters on a regular basis. It is this regular practice which will make you adept in obtaining high score in English comprehension in SSC CGL exam 2020. Furthermore, the frequent SSC CGL English preparation is beneficial in attaining accuracy and reduces the time consumed to answer the questions.
  6. Chapter wise analysis to focus on easy topics: If you are practicing for English language & comprehension through a self-help book, then, it can be a perplexed scenario. Due to multiple concepts, various chapters and ample of information compiled in a book, you are likely to get confused and think how to prepare English for SSC CGL exam! Well, this dilemma and anxiety can be easily dealt with by chapter wise analysis. In short, you can give a skim reading to the book and assess the easy topics of grammar or overall English language and then, get started with the preparation. The whole idea of beginning revision with easy topics is to make learning an interesting process. It will even offer you adequate time to practice important segments.
  7. Guess work should be eliminated from the SSC CGL English Preparation: You may not get away by answering questions through guess work for any question. In simple words, every wrong answer contributes to negative marking which will affect your final score in SSC CGL exam. Therefore, it is wise to skip the question rather than answering it wrongly. Nevertheless, you can avoid this situation by allotting time to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020 regularly. There will be many tricky questions in English comprehension, but, guess work should be eliminated from the preparation strategy.
  8. Understand the context by reading the question properly : It has already mentioned that as a part of preparation strategy for English language and comprehension, you need to focus on your reading skills. Understanding the context of the question, passage for comprehension or any other segment of English in SSC CGL exam must be reflected over. This will enable you to answer the question perfectly else it may lead to negative marking if the answer turns out to be incorrect. The haphazard situation may surround you during SSC CGL English preparation, but, staying calm and understanding all the questions should be your objective. This strategy should be clubbed with time management so that, you don’t waste much time on reading the question.
  9. Search a professional educator to speed up preparation for SSC CGL English section : Self-preparation for competitive exams is a well-planned task which requires focused approach, dedication and seriousness. Since cracking SSC CGL exam with a high score to enhance your prospects of being recruited by reputed Government organization cannot be side-lined during the preparation of English comprehension, you need to look for sure-shot coaching solution. To put it simply, you must search a professional educator with a vast experience to speed up your preparation. The coach will address your queries and guide you to grasp all the grammar concepts with utmost precision. If you are finding the trusted and proficient educator who can groom you to prepare English for SSC CGL, then, it will become comparatively easier to cover the syllabus in a short span of time.

How to find an educator to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020?

Learning prospects are always higher if you find the versatile educator with profound knowledge. In the case of competitive exams, you need to be coached by someone who has in-depth knowledge about English language and must have potential to simplify complicated segments. To start with, you should look for educator’s excellence record and get your queries addressed before preparing English of SSC CGL under his/her mentorship. At an initial level, you can check the website or past contribution to the success of aspirants. The next step is to understand the mechanism chosen by educator to prepare English for SSC CGL 2020. Finding the highly qualified English teacher or coach is worthwhile in all the cases where self-help materials or test papers are not sufficient.
If you are looking for a recommendation and want to embark on a journey of learning, then, get in touch with Nimisha Bansal, English educator with an experience of 8 years. Log on to to seek more information related to preparation strategies for English comprehension.


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