Preparing for the SBI Clerk exam? If yes, then you should know that it has three sections – Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, and English. It is believed that English is the easiest among all but scares students the most! In the last few years, this particular section has gone through so many changes in terms of types of questions. It is done to test the English language skills and proficiency of the candidates.

But, the question is how to get good scores in this section? Well! To be successful in this section, you will need to focus on the two most important aspects during the SBI clerk exam. And these aspects are – accuracy and speed. Continue reading this post as we will explain these aspects so that you can score high in the upcoming exams. So, let us get started!

  1. Accuracy

While giving SBI clerk or any other banking exam, always try to attempt all the questions with 100% accuracy. However, you must know that for every incorrect answer, the negative marking is there. So, it is important to mark every answer correctly. Attempting more and more questions with accuracy will automatically improve your chances of scoring well in this section.

  1. Speed

As you already know that only 20 minutes are allotted to this section, it is extremely important to go through every question by maintaining your speed. To get a good speed, you can start practicing with mock tests.

Topic-Wise Preparation Tips for English Section

If you have weak or average skills, then do not worry! You can attempt at least 20-25 questions but make sure your answers are correct. See, everyone has some topics in which they are extremely good! So, you just need to find out those areas and that is it!

Since the English section of the SBI clerk prelims include the topics – cloze test, fill in the blanks, spotting the errors, sentence corrections, and para-jumbles, you can follow the tips given below to perform well:

  • Cloze Test: A passage with 5 blanks is typically expected in SBI clerk exams. In this, you will be provided with a passage having some blanks that you will need to fill from the options given. See, in the passages, most sentences are logically connected. So, you can use your logic to choose the appropriate word. In case you get puzzled, just eliminate the most improbable words one-by-one to get the right option. While attempting this section, try to attempt at least 3 questions out of 5.
  • Fill in the Blanks: Also known as double fillers, this section will require you to fill multiple blanks. It is something that you cannot do without logic. For this, it is extremely important to read the statement carefully and pick the most suitable answer from the given options. You can also use the ‘elimination method’ by simultaneously checking the options to know which one best satisfy the blanks. ‘Odd One Out’ is yet another great strategy to find the right answers. This section will also have 5 questions so at least attempt 3.
  • Spotting the Errors In this topic, you will need to find out the sentences that are grammatically incorrect. You can expect 4-5 questions from this topic in the SBI clerk exam. The only key to solve these questions is having a strong grasp over grammar. Additionally, read the entire sentence and carefully check the ‘subject + verb’ agreement. In case, you are unable to find the error, read every sentence individually to detect the error. You can also read our book – English with Nimisha Bansal, written for the banking exams to get familiar with the basic rules of English.
  • Sentence Correction: This section seems quite tricky as sometimes no correction is needed in the sentence. Hence, it is suggested to read the sentence carefully and spot the grammatical error (if any). Always look at the choices given. Since the original sentence seems okay many times, it is good to pay attention to the grammar part to locate the error.
  • Para-Jumbles: The main objective of this topic is to rearrange the sentences in a way that they look more meaningful. This topic will have a group of 4-6 sentences given in random order. You will need to rearrange them or un-jumble them. The only way to mark your answers correctly to these questions is by understanding the basic idea of the given sentences. It will help you arrange them properly. As soon as you find the first and the last sentence, you can immediately rearrange them correctly. An easy way to spot the first and last sentence is by denoting the place, time, and name.

Do Not Ignore Reading Comprehension Section

We think that it is one of the most scoring topics in English. It is designed to judge the candidates’ ability to understand the paragraph and evaluate the issues in the correct perspective. To answer the questions, you will need to thoroughly read and understand the passage. Some more useful tips for this scoring section have been given here:

  • Always attempt the questions based on Synonym and Antonym. You can solve these questions by noticing how the particular word is used and in which context. Since a word can carry multiple meanings, there will be numerous choices but you will need to choose the one that perfectly fits in the given context.
  • Skim through the passage quickly to understand what the writer is trying to say. You can also mark the questions-related areas as it will help you mark the answers easily.
  • Do not spend a lot of time in attempting a question that is difficult to understand or have untraceable answers in the passage. It is okay to skip some questions to attempt the ones where you can score easily.

Final Words

Just keep these simple tips in your mind and you will surely score well in the SBI clerk 2020 exam. In addition to this, you can opt for our English courses and tutorials available on to streamline your practice. And the most important thing – ‘stay calm and keep practicing’.

All the best for the exam!


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