It is believed the English language section in banking exams is quite scoring. However, we cannot deny the fact that the level of difficulty of this section has significantly increased over the past few years. Questions asked in this particular section might seem confusing and tricky at times. So, as an aspirant, you must have a strong plan ready for your studies. If you are targeting bank PO exams, then you might have several questions in your mind about preparations. But! You are in the right place as we are going to shed some light on every possible aspect so that you can prepare well and score high.

The English language section is common to prelims and mains of bank PO exams i.e. IBPS, SBI, etc. Today, in this post, we are going to tell you how to prepare your English section for upcoming bank PO exams. So, continue reading.

How to Prepare English for Bank PO Exams

Ways to Prepare English for Bank PO Exams

Before getting into deep, how to prepare, let us shed some light on the types of questions asked in the English section of bank PO exams. Look at the following table where we have broadly explained the types of questions:

Name of the Section Type of Questions Asked Number of the Questions
English Grammar
  • Cloze Test
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Spot the Errors
  • Sentence Corrections
5-10 Questions
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Spotting the Error
  • Cloze Test
5-10 Questions
Comprehension Test This particular section can have fact-based or story-based passage (s) wherein you will need to answer after reading it. 5-10 Questions
Verbal Ability Questions in this section are typically based on Para Jumbles that is nothing but a rearrangement of sentences 0-5 Questions

Now, we will tell you the ways you should follow to prepare for English section-wise. So, let us get started!

How to Prepare Well for English Grammar?

A building cannot stand if the foundation is weak. The same thing implements when it comes to English language skills. So, when you are familiar with the English grammar rules, you can easily attempt any questions. It means you must know at least high-school or basic level English grammar. You can also study in the manner tabulated here to prepare well:

Brush up the different topics that come under this section. And make sure you properly understand the rules and remember them. Sections you will need to cover include:
  • Parts of Speech – Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Verb, Preposition, Adjective, Interjection, and Conjunction
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Subject and Verb Agreement
  • Tenses
  • Direct-Indirect Speech
  • Articles – the, a, an
  • Degrees of Comparison
  • Singular and Plural
  • Idioms and Phrases
Go through as many examples as you can to understand how different grammatical rules are applied
Read English newspapers, books, novels, magazines, etc. to make conscious efforts to know the application of these grammatical rules of the language
Practice as much as you can to be perfect in this section

How to Prepare Well for Vocabulary?

If you are not familiar with this language, then questions related to vocabulary could be complex and confusing for you. To deal with such situations, you must have a strong vocabulary to mark every question correctly. Just look at the following to work on this part:

Make a habit of regular reading newspaper, books or anything to jot down the new words
Noting down new words is not enough. You must learn the meaning as well as the correct usage of those words
You can also take help from different vocabularies available for this purpose
The practice is the only way to get amazing score in this section

How to Prepare Well for Comprehension Test?

If you have good reading speed along with the ability to process faster what you have read, then you might outshine in this section. Otherwise, marking answers of these questions is very very difficult. So, keep the following while preparing for this particular section:

Cultivate reading habits to be able to read comprehension passages faster. Reading English novels, books, newspapers, etc. will highly be beneficial for you if you practice daily
When you start reading, you will gradually develop the skills to understand what is written and what it is trying to tell you
Practice both fact-based and story-based passages to perform well in the bank PO exam

How to Prepare Well for Verbal Ability?

As we have already mentioned above that questions in this section are generally para jumbles where 4-6 sentences are given to you and you will need to arrange them in proper order so that it can make sense. So, you can practice the same with the following:

While reading newspapers, books, etc., see how the sentences are placed together to make a meaningful content
You can opt for sample papers to practice for para jumble questions daily
With an understanding of grammar rules and a strong vocabulary, you can easily answer these questions

How to Prepare Well for Descriptive Test?

Some banking exams i.e. IBPS PO may also have a descriptive test. And this section will consist of a letter and essay writing. So, check out the following to be ready for this section:

Regularly read about the latest political, economic, social, and cultural issues
Keep yourself updated with the latest format for letter writing
In addition to reading, develop writing habits as well. It will help you with a proper flow and style of writing essays and letters. However, you can only achieve this with regular practice
Focus more and more on business and official letters and format

Some More Tips to Prepare English for Bank PO Exams

Here are some more tips to excel in the English section of any bank PO exam:

  • Read, write, and revise regularly
  • Fix the duration and make sure you are not spending a lot of time answering one single question or one type of question like comprehension test or para jumbles. Always practice in the ‘time-bound’ manner to improve your time management skills for the actual exam
  • Take mock tests every day as they will provide you with a clear idea about how much practice you need or what are the areas you need to work more on

You can also opt for our English courses and tutorials available for free on to prepare well for upcoming banking exams. Lastly, we only want to say that just be positive, stay healthy and study daily! If you follow these simple tips, you can clear even the toughest exam with great ease.

And yes! Keep the famous saying of Benjamin Franklin – PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT!!

Good Luck!


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