Vocabulary is an essential key to improve English writing and speaking. Vocabulary helps to speak fluently and concisely. You’ll be able to convey and express your thoughts clearly and properly if you have the treasure of vocabulary.

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes in the middle of the conversation we keep mum or we remain silent, why we keep mum? I’ll tell you the answer, not just because you don’t have an answer but the reason is you aren’t aware of words to convey and explain your answer.

It is high time to improve your vocabulary so that you never get stuck or keep mum during the conversation. Want to know how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days? Stay connected with this article until the end.

Suppose someone is blaming you for something that you haven’t commit but you aren’t saying a word because you don’t have words to explain yourself but the opposition won’t understand, they’ll think that you are the culprit that’s why you are silent and not defending yourself. Learning new words or phrases to express yourself is not a boring activity it’s fun. If you dedicate your time properly to learn new words, idioms & phrases you can improve your vocabulary within 30 days.

 In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days.

How to improve your vocabulary in 30 days?

This question is asked by many people. So, here is the answer

Read a lot

The more you read, the more new words, phrases, synonyms & antonyms you’ll discover and learn. Daily read newspapers, novels, magazines, etc.

Always keep a dictionary

Whenever you’ll come across a new word, don’t just read it and let it go, find out the meaning and correct pronunciation of that word. After that check some synonyms, antonyms, and phrases of that word.

Keep learning

You all have heard the phrase that “there is no age limit to learn something”. So just keep learning new words. Whether you are 30, 40 or 50 that doesn’t matter. Continue your learning it increases your knowledge.

 Use in your conversation

Try to use those newly learned words in your day to day conversation. It helps you to remember that word and will build your confidence.

Whenever you get a chance to use newly learned words in your day to day life, don’t hesitate to use it. But use it only when you know the exact meaning of that word and the correct use of it otherwise a single wrong word can completely change the meaning and tone of that sentence.

 Daily learn a new word

The best way is to learn on a daily basis because many people out there who will give excuses that we don’t have time to learn new words, then how to improve our vocabulary? I have also come up with a solution for those busy people.

Try to learn a new word daily, at least we can learn a word a day, right? Learning new words on a daily basis will strengthen and expand your vocabulary

 Learn from others

Whenever you heard or saw a new word that you haven’t heard before it, try to remember that and look for the meaning and pronunciation of that word. Don’t be shy to learn from others. There is nothing wrong to learn good things from others.

There are many vocabulary tools, apps and games are available you can take help from those apps.

  • Dictionary.com
  • Vocabulary.com
  • Get The words
  • Vocab Vitamins
  • Magoosh vocabulary builder
  • A word a day widget
  • 7 little words (game)
  • Words with friends(game)

Try any of the mentioned techniques you will definitely succeed but if you dedicate some time to learn new words, then it’ll be possible otherwise no one can help you to improve your vocabulary.

I know many of you found it boring to improve vocabulary but trust me learning something new is fun. Playing games is always great fun, right? so you can go for some word games like scrabble, categories, boggle and Bananagrams to improve your vocabulary.

 Learn idioms

I must say idioms are great fun because it sounds something else but in reality, it means something else.

I’m giving you an example:

“Skeleton in the cupboard”, it sounds that someone is hidden in the cupboard but,  the actual meaning of this idiom is “someone is hiding their deepest & darkest or embarrassing secrets from others”.

Now you can see the difference between what sounds and what it actually means.

The Free Dictionary Idiom Search is a website where you can get to learn different idioms & phrases.

 Make your own dictionary

Make your own dictionary whenever you come across a new word, write it on your own dictionary along with the meanings and synonyms. It helps you a lot to remember and it’ll inspire you to learn more new words.

Know the correct use of a synonym

It’s very important to know the correct synonyms because a wrong synonym can completely change the meaning of the sentence. The synonyms of a word show the same meaning but that doesn’t mean you can use any synonyms anywhere.

There is a different use of particular synonyms, let me explain wit an example

The word “collapse” and “faint” both mean falling down, but we use the word ‘collapse’ for falling a building or house and the word ‘faint’ is used for humans when they fall due to dizziness or any other reasons.

So knowing the synonyms and their meaning isn’t enough you should know the proper use of that synonym.

 Be an artist

Painters use different colors to express their feelings on a piece of paper, just try to be like them, be an artist with words not with colors. Writers are also like an artist they express their feelings on a piece of paper by using different words.

I hope that I have given the answer to your question “how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days”.So, these are a few ways to improve your vocabulary. Try to use these ways in your day to day life to improve your vocabulary.


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