Nowadays the English language is becoming a compulsory language as well as a demanding language day-by-day. Usually, maximum official works are done in English.  We have to walk with the world’s demand.

There are lots of people who are good in English while there are many who don’t know proper English.  There is nothing to be ashamed but when we know that we are weak in something, we should definitely try to overcome our weaknesses.

Lots of people out there who want to improve their English and they keep asking “how to improve my English “.

So, here in this article, I’m going to share with you some tips to improve English, keep stay till the end.

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Everyone’s weakness in English isn’t the same. Some people are there who can read English but don’t understand its meaning.  Some people who can read English and are able to understand the meaning, but they’re not able to express themselves in English. There are some people who can read English and understand its meaning very well and also they are able to express themselves in English, but the mistake they do is a lot of grammatical errors.

Few tips are given below anyone can follow these tips and improve their English

  • Whenever you sit for reading, always sit with a dictionary. When you don’t understand the meaning of any word, search it on dictionary and try to memorize the meaning the word
  • There are lots of dictionary apps have been launched, you can go through the apps.

Have you ever noticed that when you converse in English, you get stuck in the middle of the conversation and find it difficult to form a sentence quickly, but when you speak in your native language, you never get stuck nor you feel difficulty to form a sentence? Why it happens only with English, have you tried to find out the answer?

It happens very often that whenever you try to express yourself in English you get stuck, why?

  • The first reason is, we have a shortage of words and
  • The second reason is, we don’t think in English. In our minds, we form sentences in our mother tongue and after that, we try to translate it in English.
  • So, you have to increase our vocabulary knowledge and you have to think in English (try to make sentences in English in your mind)


Avneet Singh · 27th December 2019 at 6:56 am

Well said mam…. That’s we all can of ur teaching

Pooja saini · 27th December 2019 at 8:01 am

Hello ma’am,i feel uncomfortable to speak English,i will definitely try yr tips to improve my spoken English.

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