Nowadays everyone is running behind a government job, everybody wants to get a job in the government sector because a government job is such a job where employees get a good salary, and pension after retirement and many more amenities.

Bank job is at the top of the list. Job in the banking sector is a dream for many aspirants because banking jobs are a very reputed job.

So now the question arises in the mind of the aspirants that is it compulsory to take up coaching classes to clear bank exams or not? How to clear bank exams without coaching?

Many people will suggest or advise you to take up coaching classes, they will tell you that coaching classes are compulsory to crack bank exams but that’s not true at all. If this were true then all students who were taking coaching classes would be working in the bank today.

If I tell you that you can clear bank exams without coaching will you believe?

Yes, you read it right. Believe me, you can crack bank exams without any coaching.

There is nothing better than self-study. If a person takes up expensive home tuitions, coaching classes but he doesn’t do self-study, he can’t clear the exam.

Self-study is the best study, we all have heard this phrase, everyone agrees over this but the problem is no one applies it during the study.

Now I’m going to tell you how to clear bank exams without coaching

Before preparing the study plan aspirants, need to know the pattern of the exam first

Usually, every government exam is based on two phases Tier1 and Tier2. Tier 1 is the preliminary exam and tier 2 is the mains exam, after qualifying both the exams interview round comes.

Exam pattern of the preliminary exam

S.NO. Sections No. of Questions Marks Time
1 Reasoning Ability 35 35 20min.
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 20min.
3 English language 30 30 20min.
  Total 100 100 60min.

Exam pattern of mains exam

S.NO. Sections No. of Questions Marks Time
1 Reasoning Ability & Computer aptitude 45 60 60min.
2 Data analysis & data interpretation 35 60 45min.
3 English language 35 40 40min.
4 General & banking awareness 40 40 35min.
  Total   155 200 180min.

Descriptive exam

Name of the test No. of Questions Maximum marks Time
English language(letter writing & essay)   2 25 30min.

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Benefits of self-study at home

  • Students can manage time according to their needs. If they are weak in quantitative they can give maximum time to cover that subject in which they’re weak but you can’t do that in coaching centers because they opt for the topic in which majority students are weak. 
  • In coaching, you have to follow their instructions if they said to practice quantitative but not reasoning. So, you have to follow that instruction. It doesn’t matter how good you’re at math and how bad in reasoning.
  • In competitive exams, they put some short-short questions to check your IQ level but usually coaching avoids those short topics and unimportant topics, because of the lengthy syllabus and shortage of time.
  • In competitive exams you can’t assume by yourself that this topic is unimportant, that topic is very easy, and it won’t come in exams.
  • Each and every topic is important in exams.
  • Self-made notes are very beneficial than artificial notes, self-made notes are understandable, clear because of course it is made by you.
  • Make a proper time table and follow that strictly
  • Study on a regular basis. Don’t skip your studies even for 1 day.
  • If you skip studies even for 1day can make your entire study plan &schedule awry.
  • Take at least 1-2 topics of each subject daily
  • Whatever topic you pick, try to complete that entire topic on the same day. Clear all your doubts regarding that topic so that at a later stage you don’t have to worry about the topic.
  • Don’t leave any topic incomplete for tomorrow because you will not like to do on that topic again. Then you will feel like I did that topic yesterday and if I remain on the same topic today it will waste time.
  • Many helpful books are available in the market, you can go through that.
  • Nowadays everything is on YouTube. if you have any doubts regarding any topic you can check it on YouTube tutorials.
  • There are many experts on YouTube. The teaching ways of different people will be different, the tricks & methods will be different, so don’t go through each and every tutorial it can make you confused. Whose way of explaining, tips & tricks you understand well, just follow them.
  • Many practice papers and mock tests are available online, practice that
  • Give mock tests twice a week or on a weekly basis
  • Before completing any topic, don’t jump to mock tests because without knowing the entire topic you can’t answer the questions and you’ll get low marks and that low marks can break your confidence.
  • Daily read a newspaper and write notes so that you kept updated about current affairs.
  • Always start a topic from basics if your basics remain weak it can create problems in later stages.
  • Never try to solve hard questions first. Always start from the easy questions and after those hard ones.
  • Learn short tricks, so that you can solve questions quickly.
  • In competitive exams, aspirants need to work hard as well as smart because time plays a major role in competitive exams.
  • There is a phrase that practice makes a man perfect and yes it is absolutely true. The more practice you do, the concepts get clearer. Keep practicing especially in quantitative and reasoning.

So, aspirants, these are the tips to clear bank exams without coaching. Follow these tips to score well in the bank exam.  Never lose hope, always stay positive and calm. Believe in yourself and do hard work because hard work definitely pays off. Don’t leave anything on tomorrow, prepare from today.

I hope through my article you guys have found the answer to your question that how to clear bank exams without coaching.


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